The Dirt

(From Chapter 31 Grove of the Patriarchs)

These words,

Heralds of what’s to come

Crawl under my skin

Like an army on the move.

A battalion of rumor

A rear guard of whispers.

I grasp, finally, the incursion,

The stone cold double deal.

  Jessica Rush

Bits and Pieces

Recently I finished writing my first fiction novel, and I think I will publish here bits and pieces of it.  Many of the chapters begin with a scrap of poetry to set the tone.  This is the heading for Chapter 4 of Grove of the Patriarchs.

Busy bobbing birds

Flitting and feathering

Needing naught but nests and nuts

Seeds and scavengings

Courting and calling

Hailing high aloft the hedges

Far unfettered flight

                                                   Jessica Rush